IC Services Overview

Delivering the correct marketing message, call to action and content to the correct audience is key. This is not a simple process and requires many different types of customer “touches”. We’ve created a messaging factory that marries database services, creative content and campaign development with fulfillment for all media and devices. We are constantly leveraging advances in both automated marketing software and variable digital printing technology.

One-to-One Campaign Development

Our clients allow us to understand their business objectives and goals. We combine this understanding with the customer data they already have or can acquire. Our team segments client types and then storyboards a campaign strategy and timeline to reach those business goals. We execute multiple messages across multiple channels and then analyze the response and conversion data. Further adjustment to the campaign leads our clients to better results.

Data Services

Customer data must be protected, maintained and analyzed. This is a step many companies miss. The quality of a campaign is only as good as the quality of the data.

CASS certification, NCOA data append and input, presort, merge/purge, house holding/de-duplication, pander file, management/hosting and cleansing are services that enable our clients to get the most out of their data investment.

- Data Analytics & Hygiene
- List Procurement
- Data & Campaign Strategy

Creative Development

Our creative team communicates our clients’ brand and value proposition in a relevant and meaningful way to their customers. IC RESPONSE treats each of our customers’ clients as individuals. We focus on personalization and segmentation to maximize response and conversion.

- Content Development
- Campaign Design (email, direct mail, PURL & mobile)
- Website Design (mobile & tablet compliant html5/CSS3)
- Copywriting – Collateral Design
- Overall Branding & Messaging

Campaign Fulfillment

Our fulfillment factory executes all of the campaign touches needed for an integrated campaign in-house:

- Personalized Direct Mail
- Personalized Email
- Personalized PURL
- Reporting via Dashboard
- ePublishing

Web to Print

A web to print portal enables consolidation and centralization of brand compliant marketing assets in secure environment and accessible from any browser. Web to print clients order documents, branded promotional items, POP/POS items and kits from their own branded fulfillment portal.

- Business-to-business Print Portal
- Control Print Communication Costs
- Control and Track Multiple Versions
- On Demand Digital Printing
- Online Store Fronts
- Digital Asset Management