Welcome to IC Response.

This site is the beginning of the newly formed, but deeply experienced marketing services division of IC GROUP. Although we have always had an innovative approach to handling the needs of our diverse customer base, IC RESPONSE takes our capabilities to the next level.

What drove this new direction? We call it IC RESPONSE for a reason: Our clients increasingly ask us to help them do a better job of finding, nurturing and converting leads. They also seek strategies to retain and grow the "spend" of existing customers. We work with our customers in understanding their business challenges, business environment, competition and overall business goals. We take time to analyze the customer data they already have, or want to obtain, and support them to build a data and campaign strategy mapped to realizing these goals. Great creative combined with the right data strategy puts us on a path to success. The actual execution of this strategy, combined with constant testing and adjustment enables our customers to meet their business objectives. The marketing dashboard is command central, which enables the viewing of real time campaign response and conversion.

This blog will explore everything from postal costs to social media strategy to content marketing to RFID. So stay tuned and visit often. IC RESPONSE is just getting started, give us a shout to learn more.