Some Customers Still Hard to Reach by Email

Did you know that, even in today’s multichannel media environment, some customer segments are more difficult to reach by email than others? The Pew Research Center reported in April of this year that:
•    41% of U.S. consumers aged 65+ still do not have Internet access. 
•    53% of U.S. consumers in this group do not have broadband. 
•    18% of these consumers do not have smartphones. 

Particularly for older retirees in lower income households, print remains a critical part of the multichannel mix. For many, it may be the only way to reach them. Even those who do go online may require text-only emails rather than the HTML versions many marketers are geared up to send. 
But before you write off U.S. retirees as non-email-reading, non-Internet using consumers, remember that not all consumer segments look the same. In fact, among younger, more affluent, and more educated retirees, 90% have Internet access and 82% have broadband. That’s higher than the U.S. adult population overall. For this segment, email is an important tool for marketing communication, both as a primary means of messaging or as a follow-up to print communications. 
So before you reach out, know your audience, their media usage, and their channel preferences. It can have a critical impact on your multichannel mix and ultimate marketing success.