4 Basic Ways to Enrich Your Marketing Ecosystem

1) CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION: Give your customer base an easy way to communicate with your company. Methods include; PURLs (personalized URLs), a toll free number, a form to fill out on your website or a BRC (business reply card). If a frustrated customer can easily give feedback to your company regarding his or her experience with your product, they fill like their frustration is mitigated and being heard. Create an internal goal to answer and resolve customer issues in x amount of time. Track your company's performance. Virtually all companies want feedback, but many fail in creating a vehicle to receive this important information. Facilitate two-way communication. If the customer feels it is one-way - their frustration will grow. If you have a social media presence, make sure it is constantly being monitored for negative, and positive, feedback. Reply and resolve as quickly as possible.

2) TEST FOR EFFECTIVENESS: Direct mail, email, and your call center should be constantly doing A/B and multivariate testing. This can be as basic as having two different offers and seeing which one is the most effective. Try different calls to action and offers within the same campaign to understand what resonates with each of your client categories. Consider trying the same offer across multiple customer lists to understand which ‘persona’ or category of customer is most influenced by a particular offer. Understand if a particular offer works well on direct mail, but not as well on email. Start small and gradually expand your test suite. Create a marketing culture that tracks and utilizes this important data.

3) WEB ANALYTICS: The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web usage on your website enables you to improve the effectiveness of what is one of your most valuable marketing tools - your homepage. Your company spends considerable marketing resource on your website infrastructure (IT) as well as your marketing messaging (content). Analyzing how a customer views and clicks on your site is paramount to improving it. Google analytics is the major player, but other companies, including Mixpanel and Kissmetrics, provide similar services.

4) TRUE MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING: Consumers and business owners today face a constant barrage of marketing messages. Making sure that your target audience sees your marketing offer in a variety of ways: traditional marketing (tv, radio, billboard, magazine); web marketing (banner, search, social); and direct marketing (email, direct mail, PURLs, call center); is not only more effective, but also reduces your overall cost of content development.